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Pump CoverPump Cover

Custom injection molding produces extremely versatile products. Our high quality custom plastic parts can be a perfect fit for many applications. Our customers have successfully used our parts as replacements for other more expensive materials and processes including oil pan covers, pulleys, thrust washers, and numerous other under-hood and powertrain applications. M & E PLASTICS LLC prides itself on takeover tooling and programs. If you are interested in a "transfer" of tooling, our experienced team can facilitate a smooth transition of production.

Transmission Thrust WasherTransmission Thrust Washer

 M & E PLASTICS LLC has the flexibility to consider a wide range of materials to best fit the end use of the customer product.

M & E PLASTICS LLC has the equipment and manpower to allow efficient trial and prototyping of custom plastic parts thus allowing the customer to make engineering changes and upgrades before moving forward with production operations.  Whether your project entails short run service parts or a complete program from concept to production, M & E PLASTICS LLC has the experience and custom plastic molding knowledge to become your custom molder of choice. 

Insert Molded Jeep Retaining KnobInsert Molded Jeep Retaining Knob

For all of your custom plastic molding needs, contact M & E PLASTICS LLC. We are experts in working with customers to develop the most cost-effective solutions for each customer's specific application.  For more information on our quality products and workmanship, call us today at 1-989-875-4191 *103

Custom Plastic Molding

M & E PLASTICS LLC is a full-service custom plastic molding company offering an extensive variety of materials and processes which allow our customers to "fine tune" the needs of the application.  Our high-quality custom plastic parts are created using thermoset and thermoplastic resins, from basic general purpose materials all the way to highly engineered materials with unique properties.



As custom plastic molding specialists
M & E PLASTICS LLC can offer numerous secondary and value added processes to enhance the customer's final product. These offerings include post curing, painting, assembly and custom packaging.  These added features allow our custom molding products to be made ready for final assembly and/or sub-assemblies as the customer requires. With the ability to process both thermoset and thermoplastic materials,

M & E PLASTICS LLC has the flexibility to consider a wide range of materials to best fit the end use of the customer product.