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Phenolic Thermoset

With a long history as a custom molder of thermoset materials,
M & E Plastics LLC has facilitated the successful design and launch of many programs. Thermosets are frequently used as material for powertrain applications such as thrust washers and torque convertor stator caps. The use of thermosets in these applications results in low creep for high temperature environments at a low cost. 

Molded Bearing CageMolded Bearing Cage

Other very common uses of thermoset molded items are electrical applications such as circuit breaker bodies and items which require excellent electric insulation properties. Our bulk molding capabilities and equipment allow M & E Plastics LLC to successfully meet the requirements of our customers in the electrical supply industry.


Thermoset materials are also traditionally used for molding ash cups for the automotive market. Molded thermoset materials offer the heat resistant properties and high gloss finish desired for ash cups. 

Center Console AshcupCenter Console Ashcup

Our commitment to providing outstanding thermosetting and thermoplastic services is represented by our investment in specialty thermoset molding equipment. We use hot oil circulation equipment to meet the higher temperatures required for tooling thermosetting materials and can also accommodate existing tooling with cartridge heaters in our plant.  


The growth of thermoplastics in almost every area of manufacturing has dramatically increased the choices of materials to meet end use requirements. Thermoplastics are now used across many markets from automotive to aerospace and consumer goods to agriculture. They have been used in an ever-expanding array of applications often replacing more costly materials.


Accumulator Pistons Accumulator Pistons

New materials have been brought to market that have excellent properties which have revolutionized the injection molding field. Unique additives to the base material result in excellent wear resistance, chemical resistance and other desirable properties in molded parts. The unique thing about thermoplastics is the wide spectrum of materials that can be processed with injection molding including both engineered materials and common community materials.  

Pump ImpellerPump Impeller

The light weight quality of thermoplastics points toward an increased use over other materials such as steel and aluminum. In fact, the use of thermoplastics in the automotive sector has assisted the OEM in reaching the CAFÉ standards mandated to them.

Electrical Test PliersElectrical Test Pliers

Thermoplastics and

Phenolic Thermoset Plastics

Molding Capabilities

M & E Plastics LLC is a custom molder specializing in both thermosetting and thermoplastic. We pride ourselves in our ability to offer a unique approach to a customer program.  We have seen many programs which include specific material requirements for the application. However, we work closely with our customers, applying our extensive knowledge of processes and materials. In many cases, we can recommend an alternative material or process that will better fit the application and result in savings for our customer. 


Fuel Filter BracketFuel Filter Bracket

Thermoplastics offer a tremendous field of choice to attain desired properties in the final product. Our experienced team can work with an almost unlimited range of resins which can be engineered with fillers and additives to develop the ideal material to meet the cost and property goals of the final product. We have found that in many cases the use of a thermoplastic enhances the product by improving performance and product life, assembly, and production costs. 

Torque Converter SpacerTorque Converter Spacer

Let M & E Plastics LLC put our thermosetting and thermoplastic expertise to work to bring your polymer product from design to production. Because we offer both thermoset and thermoplastics resins, we can develop the ideal material and process for each customer's unique application. For a quote or to discuss your thermosetting and thermoplastic project, please contact us today at

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