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Transfer Molding

Transfer molding is a process capability which allows the molding of thermosets of both phenolics and BMC and is especially effective for parts that have numerous features, i.e. ribs and molded-in details. By using the transfer molding method, parts that contain inserts can be safely molded with the ease of loading and unloading. Transfer molding of thermoset plastics is also an ideal process capability for materials that do not mold well under the injection molding process. Materials with a high filler content mold well with transfer molding, as you can increase the gate sizes to allow "good" flow into the mold cavities without affecting the characteristics of the molding material.

Thermoset molded items which have inserts molded into place:

Inserted Molded ComponentsInserted Molded Components

Insert Molded Exhaust BracketInsert Molded Exhaust Bracket

Insert Molded Temperature SensorInsert Molded Temperature Sensor

Compression molding 

 Compression molding is a process that works well for items which require a true molded-in "roundness" because of the symmetrical features of the tooling as well as the way the material is loaded, and pressure is applied to the cavity. Compression molding is also the most cost effective means to mold SMC and BMC. With the ability to add up to 60% long glass fibers to SMC and BMC, many components that were at one time only metal have been successfully transitioned to a composite.




Molded Idler PulleyMolded Idler Pulley

 Thermoset Injection Molding


M & E Plastics LLC offers injection molding of thermosets up to a shot size of 1250 grams and a clamping force of 500 tons. We also offer specialized injection/compression molding which combines the dimension stability of compression molding with the speed and output of injection molding. Process capabilities can also be enhanced by the introduction of molded inserts resulting in a value-added product. To complement the injection molding capabilities of the equipment, features can be added to the machine to allow injection molding of BMC (bulk molding compound). BMC offers a lower cost resin structure than some materials along with the process control and output of injection molding.


Conical WasherConical Washer

Worthington AshcupWorthington Ashcup

Instrument Panel AshcupInstrument Panel Ashcup

Secondary Operations


M & E Plastics LLC is committed to providing comprehensive processing of thermoset plastic components. We offer our customers a range of secondary operations including

de-flashing by blasting and tumbling the thermoset molded items.


Items that are too large or too detailed for de-flashing by conventional means, we offer de-flashing using a six-axis Fanuc robot. Additional secondary operations for thermosets include assembly, decorating, painting and special packaging. 




Thermoset Plastics

As a leading processor of thermoset plastics, M & E Plastics LLC utilizes a diverse range of process capabilities to manufacture materials that meet our customers' diverse needs. Plant process capabilities incorporate equipment that performs transfer, compression and thermoset injection molding for a wide range of materials from common commodity resins to highly engineered resins. We offer a unique mix of equipment and process capabilities including molding operations and secondary operations.

Thermoset molding:

M & E Plastics LLC utilizes hydraulic clamp machines to mold thermoset plastics in three types of molding operations:

  • Injection
  • Transfer
  • Compression


Vapor BoxVapor Box

Dishwasher AssemblyDishwasher Assembly

M & E Plastics LLC offers the most advanced processes for thermoset plastics from molding through assembly and packaging. Please contact us today at 1-989-875-4191 *103 to discuss your project.

Pulley AssemblyPulley Assembly