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With the use of fillers and product additives, thermoplastics have made incredible strides in the automotive industry. Today, thermoplastics are being used for parts that, at one time, could only be stamped, forged or machine items. Thermoplastics are used for powertrain applications which include bearings, bushing roller cages, and thrust washers. Most of today's transmissions are equipped with an injection molded filter housing which is a thermoplastic.

There is also an extensive list of under the hood applications for thermoplastics including clips, fasteners, bezels, fan shrouds, guards, wire raceways, and so much more. The interiors of today's autos definitely benefit from thermoplastics use. Dashboards, door liners, door skins, headliners, air bag cover, instrument panels, clusters, as well as the seating and parts of the electrical system are all composed of thermoplastics. Almost every area of an automobile today is better because of the use of thermoplastics.

Injection Molded Bearing CageInjection Molded Bearing Cage

Motor MountMotor Mount

Fuel Filter BracketFuel Filter Bracket

Transmission Accumulator Pistons  Transmission Accumulator Pistons


Much like the auto industry, agricultural applications for the use of thermoplastics has been growing into almost every part of the industry. Components are used in the production of modern farm machinery, crop production, raising livestock, and greenhouse operations. Thermoplastics are also used in the extrusion production of field tile.

33 percent glass filled Nylon Washer 33 percent glass filled Nylon Washer

Injection Molded Junction BoxInjection Molded Junction Box

Entrepreneur RealizationsEntrepreneur Realizations


Thermoplastics have seen a growth in the construction field because of their light weight, durability, and UV resistant properties. Thermoplastics can be found in major construction projects as well as in homeowners' use of construction materials such as simple tile spacers, PEK tubing, and fittings used in today's potable water systems.

Thermoplastic Molded Toe CapThermoplastic Molded Toe Cap

Electrical Testing PliersElectrical Testing Pliers


Lightweight thermoplastics have gained a footing in the recreational markets as well. Go to any sporting goods store and you'll be challenged to find any items that do not utilize thermoplastics. With the ability to mold in details and color, thermoplastics are an ideal fit for this market. Thermoplastics also offer the opportunity to decorate post-molding with decals or stickers. This cuts down on the cost of painting and the need to dispose of harmful chemicals

Jeep Insert Molded Retaining KnobJeep Insert Molded Retaining Knob


Thermoplastics uses have grown as these materials have become more durable and reliable. Because of the defense industry's demand for strength and performance in their parts, more defense-related items are benefitting from the use of thermoplastics. Both aircraft and "in the field" gear are experiencing an increase in use of thermoplastics. Fillers and additives give the thermoplastics components the strength that is required at a reduced overall weight. 

Numerous components have been replaced with, or designed for, thermoplastics including heat shields, end caps, pump impellers and much more.

Nose ConeNose Cone

Nose Cone ThreadedNose Cone Threaded

Extreme Heat flashlight HousingExtreme Heat flashlight Housing

  Thermoset and Thermoplastic Applications

At M & E Plastics LLC, we have seen a huge amount of growth in thermoset and thermoplastic uses across many industries as the beneficial properties of these components have been discovered and applied to a wide variety of applications. As top plastic parts manufacturers, we are helping our customers find innovative and cost-effective solutions for their projects, offering the highest quality components to meet their needs.


Thermosets gained a foothold many years ago in consumer goods uses such as handles for pots and pans as well as appliance covers and handles. Thermoset materials worked well for these applications due to their heat resistant properties as well as the ability to mold to a high gloss finish. Thermoset materials have for many years been a staple within the electrical field being used as circuit breaker cases and panel components.

Thermoset applications include:

  • Powertrain applications - thrust washers, stator caps and bushings
  • Driveline applications - valve covers, oil pans and differential covers
  • Under hood applications - covers, caps and brackets
  • Brake calipers and pistons 
  • Electrical circuit breakers and panel components
  • Electrical insulation components
  • Heat shields and protecting components
  • Exterior auto body panels (BMC and SMC)
  • Phenolic molded ash cups for many applications
  • Pulleys to include insert molded bearings
  • Oil field components
  • Molded trays for consumer use
  • Components used for recreational items 

Automotive Transmission Torque ConverterAutomotive Transmission Torque Converter

Warrick BlockWarrick Block

Thrust WasherThrust Washer

The many thermoset and thermoplastic uses have a place in today's ever-changing manufacturing world. What was once thought of as old technology can be incorporated into an application to meet the most challenging demands. Thermoset molded parts are often a perfect fit for the customer, opening the door to many additional thermosetting plastics uses and applications.

Consumer Goods

One of the largest sectors of thermoplastics use is the consumer goods industry. The infusion of thermoplastics in today's life is evident everywhere. From packaging and food preparation to health care, the use of thermoplastics is almost limitless. Today's thermoplastic can allow the designer almost endless choices of colors, textures and material properties than ever before.

Oil Drain Pail, Filter and LidOil Drain Pail, Filter and Lid


Our original  company was founded in 1955 by several partners in Ithaca, Michigan USA and has provided superior molded thermoset and thermoplastic products via Injection and compression processes to nearly all sectors including Automotive, Medical, Aerospace and Military to name a few and provided an ongoing venue for growth.

Most companies can attest to the difficulties of surviving through more than 65 years in this highly competitive business and the knowledge and expertise to accomplish this is still intact today within M & E Plastics LLC


 While there was a short period of interim ownership, M & E Plastics LLC was reacquired in 2018 by one of the original founders. And stands ready to serve your thermoset and thermoplastic molding needs through…

  • Wise leadership

  • Investments in

  • People

  • Infrastructure

  • Technology

  • Systems

  • Capacity

With the re-emergence of our country as an economic, technological and global powerhouse M & E Plastics LLC stands ready to serve your thermoset and thermoplastic molding needs to our mutual benefit.



“Through continual improvement, process flexibility and constant vigil, M & E Plastics LLC shall support its Customers with the agreed number of parts on-time, at a competitive price and at the highest level quality achievable”.

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